WWED: A Quarantined Birthday Celebration/Reflection

April 25th will always be a date that brings me joy and cause for celebration. Eddie would have been 35 today and I can picture him dancing around with his big, beautiful smile. He appreciated the little things in life and took nothing for granted. I wondered how he would handle this social distancing period and quickly knew what his quarantine life would look like. Eddie was selfless and always helping others. I imagine he would be the same during this time. He would be delivering groceries to the elderly and helping out anywhere he could. That’s just who he was. I’m sure he would also enjoy his Jack Daniels and have fun making hilarious Tick Tok videos. There would be moments of helping, laughter and probably eating most of the quarantine snacks. Today I would like you to raise your glass and take a moment to remember and celebrate a true, selfless hero. A man with a heart that was bursting with love and compassion. A man who lived life to the fullest in his short 25 years on this earth. His memory will live on forever. Happy birthday Eddie. Slainte!

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