Eddie and Fred
Teach Calming Tools

Eddie and Fred Teach Calming Tools is a new book aimed at children that focuses on teaching them different techniques for managing their emotions and teaching calming strategies. The book features Eddie, remembered for his contagious smile, his friendly personality, and his heroism, and his best friend Fred, an adventurous dog, as they explore various calming tools and techniques.

Through playful illustrations and engaging storytelling, the book introduces children to different techniques such as taking deep breaths, visualization, and speaking to an adult, and shows them how these techniques can help them feel more calm and in control. The book is designed to be interactive, with prompts and activities throughout to encourage children to practice the different techniques and reflect on their emotions.

Overall, Eddie and Fred Teach Calming Tools is a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers who want to help children develop healthy coping strategies for managing stress and anxiety.

Join Eddie and Fred to learn all about calming tools and create your very own toolbox today!

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