magic of books

The magic of books

I feel an immense amount of pride and joy that my toddler shares my love for reading. Books are beautiful treasures that open doors to many different worlds, ideas and adventures. I love being lost in a book. My most favorite activity is sitting with my daughter and seeing her eyes widen with excitement as we journey through the story. I can recite, Giraffes Can’t Dance with my eyes closed by now and she has heard it countless times that she can as well. She remains entranced in the beautifully colored pages no matter how many times we read it.

Sharing these priceless moments with my daughter made me think back to the time when I first discovered my love for books. I was instantly connected to Matilda by the amazing Roald Dahl. I would stay up late at night under my covers with a flashlight, reading it over and over again. After reading Matilda about 100 times, I read and reread all his other books, which consisted of James and the Giant Peach, George’s Marvelous Medicine and The BFG. I dove into his stories and couldn’t come up for air. I have complete nostalgia when I see his books and it brings me great excitement visualizing my daughter enjoying them as well.

When did you first discover your love of books?

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