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Understanding The Importance of Reading to Children

Reading to children might be one of the most important jobs a parent has. You have the ability to not only open children’s minds to stories but to teach them facial expressions and expose them to sounds, beautiful colors, and pictures, all while offering a special bonding time where they feel safe and loved.

This is one of the best gifts you receive as a new parent for your child.

You are taught right off the bat to hit the ground running and read to your children. For the first 6 years of their life, they are completely relying on you to read and share stories with them until they are able to start learning to read on their own. 

Why is reading to your child important?

Staying consistent and trying to make reading a part of your daily routine reinforces how important it is. Children learn to follow the pages and your voice while telling a story. It helps them absorb language and illustrations. It shows them the process of reading starting at the left-hand side and following the words to the right. The importance of grammar and punctuation help read a sentence in different ways. Using different fonts, uppercase, and lowercase letters to express the emotions of a sentence. A book is so much more than just a piece of paper with letters on it. It is the road that creates the foundation for that child’s future learning.   

Effects of reading on child development

Reading with children is not only about learning words and grammar. It is the opportunity to build stronger relationships between parents and children and promotes healthy brain development. 80% of brain growth happens in the first three years of the child’s life. Most of the information learned is based on the interactions they have with others. It is believed that children who read are more likely to have improved listening skills, language development, and a stronger emotional connection with their readers. Most importantly, they gain confidence and a love of reading. Many children that learn to love reading will have that gift throughout their whole lives and it becomes ingrained in who they are.

Different kinds of children’s books:

Children’s books come in all shapes and sizes with many different messages. Some are long with many words, and some are quite simple and cut to the chase. 

Board Books: The youngest kids usually start off with board books. Known for their thick hearty pages that an infant or toddler cannot rip to shreds. These books are usually filled with bright graphics and simple short wording. They are used as introductory books for babies and toddlers so they are not overwhelmed by more content.

Picture Books: As children get older they start to gain a longer attention span which means books with more inside. More words, more pictures, more room to explore their imagination. These books usually contain a bigger message than simple board books do. The illustrations also tell a story along with the words on the pages. 

Learn to read books: This is where the magic happens. The day reading clicks for your child and they can pick up a book and start speaking words is an incredible thing. Learning to read books is made with different reading levels in mind. They help kids learn the basics and also gives them the confidence to become an avid reader. Reading is essential in life and these books equip kids with the tools to grow and get better with patience and practice.

Popup, rhyming, small books, big books, action books, poetry books, the reading list goes on and on.

No matter what book peaks your interest, grab it and share it with a child. Why is it so important to read to your child? Because you are helping their brains grow and learn about our world and life through the beauty of words and illustrations. Helping sculpt their future by teaching valuable life skills as well as morals and lessons.

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