The face of courage

Today I had the pleasure of meeting author, James McLeod. James excitedly shared his book “The Boy Behind The Face” with the first graders in the school I work in. When James was 18 months old he developed a skin condition called vitiligo. In vitiligo, patches of skin lose their pigmentation, causing the loss of skin color in blotches. James struggled with his insecurities and experienced bullying when he was young. After many years he was finally able to look himself in the mirror and see his beautiful smile and how special he truly is. He wrote this story to “inspire others to face their fears, not worry about judgement, and be able to walk into any place with confidence.” As a school counselor, author and parent, I appreciate his courage and beautiful message to help children who are having trouble with their own insecurities. You can find more about his beautiful story at

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