Pants not required…

I’m sure people are overwhelmed hearing about the Covid 19 virus. People are scared, lost and trying to figure out this new virtual world we are currently living in. In the midst of all the craziness I see a lot more than the virus. I see family time you would have never had and making new enjoyable memories. I see finding new creative ways to hide from your kids and being able to spend the day with or without pants on. Unless you have a virtual meeting and find yourself in one of those hilariously embarrassing youtube videos where you actually went to work with no pants on. I see people reaching out to help others, from a safe 6 foot distance of course. I see educators going above and beyond to support their students and their families and all of these incredible essential workers who are out on the front line. They’re risking their health, while we are safely in our homes creating new tik tok videos or quickly depleting our liquor stash. Unfortunately the pregnant women, such as myself, can only sip on mocktails while pretending it’s giving us super powers and patience with our children. Maybe it’s time to learn more about yourself. Like rediscovering what your natural hair color really is. I don’t just see the virus. I see people lifting each other up, giving hope, spreading humor, feeling love and enjoying very entertaining videos.

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