Our salute to service

The anniversary of Eddie’s death could be a terrible day. Thinking back on painful memories and feelings could be consuming and has been in the past. November 10th could be dreaded…It could. Instead, I made the decision years ago to turn such a horrible day into a celebration of life, just as Eddie would.

When I was invited to the Salute to Service Jets/Giants football game, I happily accepted. This was the second year we walked the massive American flag onto the field, surrounded by other gold star family members and military personnel. It was just as incredible as last year. The energy, the crowd, the symbolic weight of the flag, but most of all, the feeling of patriotism, and love and respect for our military. It was an honor and I was ecstatic that I was able to enjoy with my family and Finny. I loved seeing the smile and excitement on my daughters face as she held the flag with her tiny little fingers. She is only 4 and doesn’t fully grasp the importance of this entire experience. But when I heard her singing along to God Bless America, my heart was overwhelmingly full.

With every ripple of the flag I could feel Eddie’s presence. I could hear his laugh, I could feel his spirit and I could see his smile.

Happy Veterans day to all of the incredible people who have served and who are still serving. I’m truly proud to be an American!

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