Homefront Hugs Foundation

It’s amazing how people can connect with others through tragedies in their lives. It could be someone you might have never met if the circumstances were even slightly different. I found comfort in speaking with others who were in similar situations and whom I could relate to. Someone who could understand the depths and layers of my grief. They also helped bring hope and reassurance that it’s possible to find happiness again. There are no books that can heal your heart, mind and soul but can merely guide you. It’s the human connection that helps you the most and I have connected with some incredible people through tragedy in my life.

One person in particular is the founder of the organization, Homefront Hugs USA, which supports military members and their families. It started as a small volunteer community and has grown into a large non-profit charity with an active 10,000 members. They provide a tremendous amount of resources and support for soldiers who are deployed as well as those at home facing depression and PTSD. They provide information on items to donate which vary depending on the location of the soldier. You have the option to send care packages directly or donate money for packages to be sent. Individuals can adopt a soldier and provide them with numerous packages and written letters to express your appreciation and gratitude for their sacrifices. The Homefront Hugs foundation has won awards for their diversity and inclusion reaching out to all citizens who are in need and who are needed to volunteer. n

Some soldiers may not have the support system at home and a simple small gesture could make a huge difference in their lives. Operation Healing Angel provides support to wounded soldiers. There are many soldiers like my late husband SGT Edward Bolen who have given their lives for our country. These organizations aid soldiers in so many ways and help some remember what they are fighting for. Their last mission is supporting our youngest generation in giving back to their communities. Allowing them to donate their time or even by offering ideas to give thanks for their freedoms. Please take a moment to visit their website to learn more about this wonderful organization.


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