Happy Holidays!

During this holiday season, I ask that you continue the WWED (What Would Eddie Do) mantra and spread kindness. Some are celebrating the holidays, while others are dreading it. Many times people are fighting a battle you know nothing about. Try not to judge, and instead lend a listening ear, or share a contagious smile. Even the slightest act of kindness can brighten a persons day and make you someone they will remember the rest of their lives.

There was a time when the holidays were extremely painful for me. The loss of a loved one can wreck havoc on your emotions during the holidays. Like a dull knife stabbing at your preexisting wounds. I couldn’t wait for Christmas end. The joyful music made me angry and depression took over. I didn’t think I would ever feel that joy again. But it’s true, in time, with baby steps and support from loved ones, each year got better and better. You don’t forget the ones you loose. You celebrate the time they were here and share the happy memories. It’s okay to make new memories while still cherishing the old ones. When you’re feeling completely alone and want to shut out the world, just remember Christmas is bringing people together and feeling the love. For those grieving this holiday season, I hope each year brings light and happiness back into your heart. When you hug your family and friends, take a moment to feel their warmth in their heart and know you are loved.

This has been the most exciting Christmas. Just seeing my daughters face light up as we put up the tree, was a moment I’ll never forget. It brought to light how precious a child’s innocence is and how quickly they grow up. I am absorbing and embracing the moments with her as I see the magic in her eyes. I feel so fortunate to have this incredible little girl and my supportive, loving husband. I will forever cherish my old memories while enjoying making new ones.

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