Celebrating a beautiful life 4/25

Every year on Eddie’s birthday I like to do something to celebrate his life. I have surrounded myself with those who love him, toasted to him during a beautiful sunset, and my favorite, performing random acts of kindness.

April 25th is the day this beautiful soul was brought into this world. Eddie was immensely influential during his life and he affected countless people. He is still making an impact on many even though he is gone. I wrote my book to share my story, to hopefully help others, and to let the people who never had a chance to cross paths with Eddie, learn about the incredible person that he was. He was truly larger than life. He is remembered for his huge smile, his constant selflessness and love for helping others. Eddie left his mark everywhere he went. The biggest mark he left will remain in our hearts. April 25th is a day to celebrate, a day to spread love and kindness and a day to be grateful for life. WWED (What would Eddie do)? Keep on smiling! Slainte!

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