Always believe in yourself!

Self doubt has been my biggest struggle when it comes to writing. I’m so fixated on making sure everything is perfect and that everyone is going to like my book. We are often our own worst enemies. It took the words of a stranger to help motivate me and snap me out of these unrealistic expectations. A lovely woman Yvonne responded to a question I had on a writers group regarding my title. She said “The wonderful thing about art is we get to see your work through your eyes and heart. Don’t change your title because someone doesn’t think it fits. If this is how you felt during a dark time, then, let us see this through you.” As I digested her words, I realized she is 100% right. My story may not interest everyone and some may not like it. That’s okay. It is my story, my thoughts, and my feelings. I wrote it as a form of therapy for myself as well as a way to help others by shedding awareness and to help those who are struggling with deep, dark feelings. I will replay those words from Yvonne and the many others who have been encouraging me along the way and hope that over time my self doubt will fade. What are your biggest challenges and obstacles? What’s holding you back?

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