A writer’s Euphoria

After attending the Thrillerfest last week in NYC, I found myself thinking about the term “runner’s high.” Once a runner reaches a certain distance, their endorphins kick in and they receive a burst of energy, as well as a state of euphoria. I definitely cannot relate to the running part because well, let’s be honest, I hate to run and only do it to stay in shape. I get my euphoria from attending writing events. While at the conference, I was close enough to enormous talent and was breathing the same air as these incredible soles. I experienced a type of “runners high.” I guess I could call it “writers high.” I have always had a love of books and one day hoped to create something special of my own. Now that I am part of this network of people and am working towards publishing my story, it’s that much more fun and exciting. If my story can touch the lives of others like so many books have for me, then my dream will be fulfilled.

I met many talented authors while at Thrillerfest. I saw from a distance the iconic George R. R. Martin, who is the writer and creator of Game of Thrones. For me, the most exciting part was finally meeting my incredible agent Terrie Wolf who was involved in the 4 day conference, celebrating thriller books. She traveled all the way from Colorado! Many say a writer/agent relationship is like a marriage. There must be trust and communication. I am very happy to say I can feel the passion she has for my memoir and she is working very hard to encourage a publisher to take on my story. Terrie graciously invited myself and another fellow AKA author Mike Catalano to the cocktail party. He created a kid superhero book that’s derived from a true, heartwarming story. Being a part of the writing community is something I always dreamed about and I am looking forward to future writing events to continue experiencing the “writers high.”

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