Characteristics- What Makes a SuperHero a SuperHero

What is a superhero? The concept of superheroes is introduced to our children at a very early age. We constantly see action figures in stores and superheroes displayed on billboards wearing a costume, a cape, and mask. They are all over the television, fighting crime and representing the good guys! Some have super powers like the ability to fly or super strength. Believing in superheroes gives kids the ability to use their imagination and think about how their lives could be if they had super powers. Ultimately, they are fictitious and give children the thought that their superpowers are unobtainable. While it can be fun for their imaginations they cannot fly, see through walls or shoot spider webs from their wrists.

It’s time to learn what a superhero really is! What do real superheroes do? What is a superhero in real life? The answer is YOU. Yes, YOU! Eddie and Fred: We’re All Heroes is an inspiring story that teaches children that anyone can be a superhero when they possess the right qualities and values. Fred is confused when he thinks he needs a mask and a cape and the ability to fly in order to be a superhero. Eddie takes him through town to explain that Heroes live all around us. “Superpowers come from deep within, not measured by race or your color of skin. A hero doesn’t need to be strong and tall, they can be any shape, big or small.”

A superhero lives within all of us and we get to decide what qualities and powers we possess. What superpowers do you have? What are your most favorite qualities about yourself? Do you like to help others and have a kind heart? Are you a really good listener and have the courage to be a good friend? The truth is we all have what it takes to be a good superhero. All we need to do is believe in ourselves and be the best we can be. 

Superhero Characteristics and Traits:


If you can live and act with an empathetic heart then you for sure can be a superhero. Putting others first and trying to put yourself in someone else’s shoes helps you understand how someone else is feeling. In a world where many things are divided, empathy brings unity and togetherness. 


Morals and values are so important to parents when raising their kids. Integrity is a superpower because it allows people to do what’s right and help others. Understanding right from wrong and viewing Integrity as their reason for doing the right thing. Many use their integrity as their “code” or “guidelines” of how they live their life. Always acting to a certain standard and not for personal gain or because someone else might be watching. 


A superhero needs to have the right attitude, perspective and outlook to do good. Don’t give up because something is too hard. Instead, believe in yourself that you can do it. When you have the right mindset, you can achieve anything! Recognizing the endless possibilities in front of you and always trying to step first with a positive optimistic thought can help every person be a superhero.


We look at superheroes on the big screen and see them running into burning buildings or running right to the danger. Being brave means knowing the potential for danger but at the same time taking action based on your morals and values. You see something is not right and even though it might be hard or scary you still try to make it better or try to fix the situation. Being brave could mean trying something new, or standing up for a friend who needs help. Being brave is something that many people are faced with on a daily basis, even without powers. It keeps people going and moving towards righteousness in their everyday lives.

The truth is, there are many amazing qualities and characteristics a human can have to make them be a good superhero.

Yes, it would be cool to have all the gadgets and to read people’s minds. But at the end of the day, you have yourself and what’s inside your heart that makes you a superhero. Some have many qualities and some have just a few. It’s what you do with your powers that makes you super.