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Benefits of Supporting and Celebrating Military Families with Children

In April of each year, the Military Child is honored with the celebration of Purple Up Month. This special month is dedicated to recognizing the unique challenges faced by military children due to their parent’s military service. Across the country, various people and organizations host events that celebrate the sacrifices and achievements of military children, raising awareness of the issues they face, such as frequent moves, parental deployments, and social and academic struggles.

Benefits of Supporting Military Families

Supporting and celebrating military families with children is the best thing we can do for our military community. These families face many challenges, including frequent moves, deployments, and the stress of having a loved one in harm’s way. Providing resources and encouragement to help them thrive is essential.

Celebrating Purple Up Day

Purple Up Day is an excellent way to celebrate military children. By wearing purple on this day, you show your support and love for these children, creating a sense of community where they may feel isolated, particularly for those who are new to an area. You can also help these families throughout the year by offering practical assistance with tasks such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, childcare, or household chores, particularly when a military parent is deployed or away on training.

The Importance of a Close Village

Supporting military families requires a village. Having a community to assist with everyday tasks when a family member is deployed alleviates stress and builds essential relationships. Expressing gratitude to military families for their service and sacrifices is also vital. This can be done through public recognition, thank-you cards, or other forms of appreciation.

Any act of kindness, no matter how small, can create high benefits in showing support for military families at home.

Resources for Military Families

Military families can access many resources, including counseling, financial assistance, and educational support. Connect them with local organizations and resources that can provide these services. Schools also play a crucial role in providing support to military children, so advocating for policies that support military families, including access to quality education, affordable housing, and healthcare, is essential.

Supporting Military Spouses

Supporting military spouses is also critical to supporting and celebrating military families. Parenting in the military can be particularly challenging, given frequent moves and other stressors. Encouraging spouse support can provide stability and ensure that the home remains as stable as possible, even in times of external uncertainty.