Eddie and Fred: Co-Authors Discuss Inspiration Behind Their Book

Andrea Perez and Diana Reynolds are the co-authors of the children’s book “Eddie and Fred: Were All Heroes.” Fred is a lovable dog who dreams about being a superhero. His best friend Eddie takes him on a journey through town to teach him that being a hero is about more than just wearing a mask and a cape and showing off your super strength. True strength comes from the qualities you have in your heart. Kindness, courage and friendship will all help you discover your hero within.

During this presentation, Perez and Reynolds will discuss the inspiration behind their book, the writing process, as well as the importance of social emotional learning. They will also share tips on how to teach children about these important values.

Social emotional learning teaches crucial life skills, helps kids understand their emotions, thoughts & actions, helps build and maintain positive relationships, and teaches responsible decision-making skills.

This presentation covers the writing process steps such as creating your story, editing, working with an editor, creating a storyboard & working with an illustrator. It also highlights Purple Up and the month of the military child. Purple up is a day in April when people wear the color purple to honor and support military children and their sacrifices.

Another important lesson in the presentation is describing the branches of the military. 

  • The Army is a large group of soldiers that fight on the ground to defend our country during times of war. An Army protects us against attacks or invasions. 
  • Marines serve on US Navy ships. They protect Naval bases and guard US embassies. They are always ready to protect our country from anywhere around the world. Their values are Honor, Courage and Commitment. This defines how every Marine thinks, acts, and fights.
  • The Navy protects us from the ocean using boats. They maintain, train, and equip combat-ready naval forces that are capable of winning wars, and help maintain freedom of the seas. 
  • The Air Force protects us from the sky. It is made up of different aircraft. Fighters, bombers, helicopters, and transporter crafts. Planes can travel much faster than land-based vehicles so they are able to respond quickly to threats. 
  • Some of the Coast Guard’s responsibilities include search and rescue, enforcement of maritime law, safety of vessels, maintenance of vessels, and border patrol. Their purpose is to protect the people, environment, industry, and security of the US on seas, lakes, and rivers. They use boats, ships, helicopters, and airplanes to stop crime and rescue boats in danger.

This presentation is sure to inspire and entertain children of all ages. It is a reminder that we can all be heroes by the way we treat others and everyone has the ability to make a difference in this world.